Friday, July 13, 2012

If Move On Organizes A Protest Against Mitt Romney And No One Show Up, Does It Still Happen?

Sometimes I get emails.
Dear MoveOn member,

News broke this morning in The Boston Globe that Mitt Romney may have been in charge of Bain Capital for three years longer than he'd previously reported—a bombshell that could change the trajectory of the presidential race.1 The press is all over the story, and people everywhere are wondering what Mitt is hiding by not releasing his tax returns from this period.

When George Romney, Mitt's father, ran for president in 1967, he released 12 years of tax returns. He said, "one year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show."

But that's all Mitt has released, one year. He willingly provided 23 years of tax returns to the McCain campaign in 2008 before being rejected for the vice presidential slot. Now he wants to be president—but he's unwilling to release the same information to the American people.

Why? That's the question—and the only way we'll find out is if Romney releases his returns.

That's why MoveOn members are showing up at Romney campaign offices all over the country on Friday to turn the heat way up and deliver a simple message: Release your returns now!

There's a Romney office in Chester [Virginia]. Can you stop by TOMORROW at NOON to drop off our "Release Your Returns" letter to make sure they, and the media, get the message?
That was Thursday.  I checked my calender, it was clear save for taking my daughters to the park to play.  Sure, I can swing by to see who will show up.

I arrived on scene at the campaign office about 12:30.  I figured I should give them some time get arrive and get organized.

Where the office is at is a pretty modern office park with ample parking and a few posh restaurants with some apartments  nearby.  The idea behind it all is to work, eat and play all within a few hundred yards of where you live. It's nice.

I wasn't sure on the exact location of the campaign office so I started to look for a group of people carrying around the same mass produced sign.  No luck.

It was a beautiful day out.  Not too hot in the mid eighties range.  So the weather shouldn't have been an issue for these true believers.

I double checked the address on my phone and found the place.

It really wasn't that difficult to find.  

There wasn't anyone is sight.  To one side of the building.

Or to the other side. 

I don't know if it was because it was Friday the 13th or that it was the second Friday of the month and the welfare Living Assistance checks came in the mail that day or what was the reason. There wasn't anyone from Move On there. 

I went inside and talked to Matt (I apologize if I got his name wrong, I didn't write it down at the time) and he told me that no one from Move On has showed up to picket. 

I didn't wait too long as I had my kids with me and they were anxious to get to the park and why wait on nothing? 

As I left the office complex, I checked to see if there were any protesters out near the busy street, trying to catch eyeballs as people drove by.  Nope.  Nothing there either.

I don't know how the others went but the protest in Chester, Virginia was a bust.

I did pick up a Romney bumper sticker so there's that. 

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