Wednesday, July 2, 2014

If You Read One More Thing About The Senate Race In Mississippi. . .

. . .  Let it be this.  Because this guy can say it better than Jeff.

As a reminder, the job of the Republican Party is to be different from the Democrat Party.  When one republican senator is touting his accomplishments of contributing to social programs, where is that difference? 

And don't say "Foreign Policy".  There are 99 other self admitted experts of 'Foreign Policy' in the Senate and 435 'experts' in the House. 

One more note about elections.  They work both ways.  If a candidate smears over half of his voting base as racist bigots in a primary-- as it looks like it happened in Mississippi-- he shouldn't expect them to vote for him in the general.  He isn't entitled to your vote.  He needs to earn it, not spurn it when convenient. 


  1. Pretty soon being a bigot will be a badge of honor.

    1. And the word will lose all cognitive meaning in the process.


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