Monday, December 22, 2014

With Apologies To The Real Men Of Genius Commercials

At The Point Of a Gun presents:  Real Men of Genius!

Background singers:  Real Men of Genius. 

Today we salute you, Social Justice Warrior.

Background singers:  Social Justice Warriors! 

You scour the bowels of the internet, looking for something everyone else takes for the mundane and somehow make it offensive.  

Background singers:  Oh, I'm so offended!

A white male sitting normally?  Not to you!  That's actually a micro-aggression of the male patriarchy that-- thanks to you-- we are all aware of now.

Background singers:  That sneaky micro-aggression! 

You take on this burden of knowledge not because you want to but because you need to.  And you need to show your parents that their investment in your Masters in Gender Studies degree seems relevant in today's world.

Background singers:  Mom and Dad's money well spent.   

So here's to you, Hashtag SJW.  For correcting me about how to end this segment of Real Persons of Genius. 

Background singer outro:  Our lesson has been learned!


  1. An example of a micro-aggression....

    Thank you Social Justice Warriors!

    1. And to think I've been sitting wrong all these years.


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