Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's About Time.

Finally someone is talking about how the Republican Party can win again after their humiliating losing streak. And he's not a liberal saying that the Republicans are not moderate enough, they need to get extreme in their moderation. This is the man who needs to be the next RNC Chairman.

Ronald Reagan spoke to our deepest longing as a people. He gave a voice to principles that are true for all people in all times. Retool our message, but base it on those proven conservative principles for which our party has always stood: Our freedom is from God, not government. Our prosperity comes from a free people in a free market, not overtaxing, free-spending bureaucrats. We celebrate and protect life, born and unborn. And our best hope for a brighter future is in the empowerment of individuals and families, not in the constraints imposed by a bloated bureaucracy.

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  1. Yeah, I've been kind of a Michael Steele fan myself seeing him off and on in the news, but since meeting him a week or so before the election, I'm even more of a fan. The man's got his act together.


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