Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day Two

At the Virginia State Convention.

With a few primative tools, I was able to fashion a connection to file this.

And a hike to the nosebleed section to secure an actual laptop to, you know, actually live blog.

Bob McDonnall gave a good speech. Seing how he was running unopposed on the Republican side, it's a forgone conclustion he will be the GOP Candidate.

The big wait now is for Attorney General, Lt. Governor and RPV chair.

Ken Cuccinelli had the rock star intro with his speech and everyone in the crowd waving the classic, "Don't Tread On Me" rattlesnake flag (note to self, I have to get one of those). The lights went out and an audio montage started to play with clips of the recent news talking about nationalization of banks, so called domestic terrorist (Tea Parties.. Yeah, right..) and other items. Then the smoke and lights. I almost expected 'Rock and Roll Part I'. Ken looks to be the favorite of the crowd here. When the other candidates mention his name, it's not a good sign when the cheers drown out their speech.

UPDATE 2:40: George Allen just finished speaking. Eric Cantor is speaking now.

Line up other speakers for the Virginia GOP to help fill the time until all the voting has been done for the other three races.

Breaking rumor; Cuccinelli is the Republican Canidate for Attorney General.

More here at the Wrap Up.

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