Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Word Of The Day: Surreal

I don't think that word means what she thinks it means.

Among the people randomly chosen to ask questions at an Obama town-hall meeting in New Hampshire was 11-year-old Julia Hall, whose mom just happens to be a big-deal tort lawyer who has given big bucks to Democrat. Also, in similarly random fashion, Julia Hall's mom, Kathleen Manning Hall was on the New England Finance and Steering Committee for Barack Obama and a coordinator of Massachusetts Women for Obama. And in another completely random occurrence, Mrs. Manning Hall was sitting right next to little Julie at the town hall meeting. People who were randomly surfing Facebook noticed that Mrs. Manning Hall's profile picture showed her standing next to Barack Obama.

These entirely unrelated coincidences were "surreal [bold, mine]," Mrs. Manning Hall explained to the Boston Globe.

At a totally spontaneous Town Hall meeting too.

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