Sunday, November 29, 2009

From The "Stick A Fork In Him, He's Done" Department

Earlier today, someone shot four police officers at a coffee shop. It was obvious that they were the intended targets for the shooter. Sad as that is, knowing that it could have been avoided only compounds upon that. The shooter in question was pardoned by Mike Huckabee when he was Governor of Arkansas.

I think it's safe to say that Huckabee's chances in 2012 went from 'Less Than Likely' to 'Snowball's Chance In Hell'.

Seeing how Huck was a former minister, I can kind of see his point in the pardon. Almost.

As minister, he should reach out to those in prison and offer then the hope of redemption found in the Bible.

As governor, he needed to recognize that they were dangerous men that needed to behind bars.

As minister, he should be willing to offer second chances to people who previously thought they didn't need God's Word.

As governor, second chances often leads to recidivism.

Huck blurred his job responsibilities and now four police officers are dead.

MORE: Stacy McCain has more here and in The Greenroom.


  1. I did read elsewhere that Governor Huckabee may not be directly responsible for Clemmons being released but the Arkansas Parole Board.

  2. I saw something else like that too.. I'll look more into it tonight when I get a chance..

    but last I knew, as governor, it fell to him to make the call or not. And he made the call.


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