Monday, November 30, 2009

Obsessive Blogger Still Obsessed

First thing after reading a less than 'Meh' review of Sarah Palin's book*, Andrew Sullivan's thoughts naturally turn to what really matters. Is Trig really Sarah's baby?

He was threatened with his job if he kept asking specifically about Trig. But that doesn't keep him from asking about Trig from a round about angle. Like 'asking questions' about hospital records.

I've emailed [Adam Bellow at Harper Collins] asking him about the fact-checking process for "Going Rogue." Getting an on-the-record confirmation that, for example, Harper Collins reviewed the medical records proving Palin's multiple medical stories (including corrected hospital records by her own account) would be a useful piece of information. [emphasis mine]

Shorter Sully: Is Trig really the birth son of Sarah Palin?

Even shorter answer: Yes.

Follow up: Are you sure?

Retort: Even without looking at the records. Yes.

*The one line summery of the review: I still have hopes for Sarah Palin, provided she starts listening to what I have to say. Credit for the line goes to Joshua Livestro.

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