Friday, February 12, 2010

You Know The Economy Is In Trouble Hooters Is In Danger Of Going Under

Your average waitress at Hooter's.

Via Lori.

When beer and boobs can no longer make it in today's market, something is about to hit the fan.

The Atlanta-based "breast-aurant" chain -- famous for the scantily clad waitresses who serve up its burgers and spicy wings -- is beckoning prospective buyers, sources told The Post.

Hooters has recently shopped itself to a number of private-equity firms as sales have sagged with the recession, sources said. The closely held company, meanwhile, is in advanced talks with a Connecticut-based investor that has been granted certain rights of refusal on any potential transaction, according to one source.

I don't it's a matter of the general public developing good taste overnight. After all, The Bachelor is still on ABC.

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