Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Chris Matthews Is Schooled On The Tea Party Movement

Matthews tries and fails to project the narrative that the Tea Parties are nothing but a fringe group.

Dana Loesch is quick to set the record straight and put Matthews into some -- as they say in the streets -- freaking knowledge. Sadly, I think it's a wasted effort. You can't beat clues into Matthews if you duct taped him to a tree and told a bunch of Mexican kids he's a piƱata.

What is probably one of my biggest annoyances is how talking heads like Matthews are quick to point out to the extreme fringe on the right and use that to paint the entire movement. All the while systematically ignoring the lunatic fringe from the left as if they never exist.

Part of the reason why Matthews and company ignore the fringe leftist groups is because they are the leftist fringe group. It makes sense when you think about it that way. The same way that everyone sees themselves as rational.

As for the protest signs who have Obama with a Hitler mustache? The one group I found is the Lyndon LaRouche PAC. A far left group who thinks Obama is too darn moderate.

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  1. Lyndon LaRouche PAC is probably more accurate than they realize. As Jonah Goldberg demonstrates in his book "Liberal Fascism" the National Socialist German Workers Party (quicknamed the Nazis) was a movement of the far Left. This is not to say that Obama wants to conquer the world and impose the final solution to the Jewish question. If anything, what Obama wants is a mommy-state wherein everybody's needs are met from cradle to grave, and we are freed from responsiblity, consequences, and the burden of adult decision making. Goverment gives us all of the creature comforts of childhood in exchange for that overrated thing we call freedom.
    As a final note, I've looked into Lyndon LaRouche. Apart from being a conspiratorialist kook who, among other things, thinks the British royal family wants to assassinate him (talk about narcissisim! why would they care about an insignificant, egocentric twerp like him?) he also elevates FDR to demigod status. Chris Matthews looks like a savant in comparison.


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