Wednesday, June 9, 2010

John McCain Continues To Piss Down The Backs Of Arizona Voters And Telling Them That It's Raining

Via Hot Air.

It appears this will be part II in an ongoing series.

I have to agree with Allahpundit that this ad isn't as bad as 'Build The Dang Fence' where McCain looks angry enough to chew prickly pear cactus but it is a close second.

To accuse J.D. Hayworth of being an insider when McCain has been in Washington DC for almost 30 years is laughable. McCain prided himself on being the 'Man To Get Things Done' in the Senate. He worked across the isle more times than I can count. He couldn't attain such a status if he wasn't an 'insider'. Is he looking to reclaim the 'Maverick' title again?

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