Saturday, August 28, 2010

On The Road To Restoring Honor.

The road stretched out in front of me with a full cup of coffee to keep me company. I have a bag of Krispy Kreme doughnuts next to me. It takes a man at the end of his rope to despair into a bag of those. The chocolate glazed ones were tasty.

My five year old traveling companion (daughter, it's never too young to get them involved) informed me that the doughnut with rainbow sprinkles was "Yummy".

There were good signs along the way.

This was right before picking up my Samoan attorney blogger from The Other McCain, Smitty. Read what he was able to do when you have Wi-Fi access instead being limited to the realm of a LAN like myself.

The overflow of the crowds was almost out to the Washington Monument.
Smitty and I arrived right when the rally started and couldn't crowd our way up more than halfway up along the Reflecting Pool. Those press credentials I printed out myself could only get so far.

Will be posting an update later. Meanwhile, Bob Belvedere will be posting updates today also.

UPDATED: Reflections after a day by the Reflecting Pool.


  1. I can't wait to hear more about it! We'd had our airline tickets and hotel since January. Had to cancel on Tuesday due to some family stuff. We're so disappointed to have missed it, but life happens. Got up this morning and watched the whole thing on C-SPAN, but I it must have been so inspiring to be there with the crowd.

  2. Thanks, Dave.

    I may be doing a post of reports from the scene and I'll make sure to link your postings.

  3. Some Lucky Dog: I'm sorry to hear that..

    It was inspiring to see the turn out.

    Bob: Thanks again for the links..


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