Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reflections After A Day By The Reflection Pool

600,000 was the number I kept hearing about the total attendance. I hold that number to be more accurate than any number the Washington Post puts out.

As for ignoring advice, it's worked so far, why stop now?

Moving on.

No matter what's been reported on Restoring Honor, it was not a protest rally. It was more of a multi-denominational call to prayer for the individual. A call for those present and to those listening if they would be the ones to stand up and be the leaders this country needs for tomorrow. So they can put together what the leaders of today are tearing apart.

Beck did walk a delicate line between preaching and asking people to look within themselves for a higher power.

I'll try to do more on this later in order to do it justice. The concept of where morals and honor come have been known to fill a book.

A couple more things and a word of before signing off:

Thanks to Jim for putting this video together.

For the 'Swimming' incident that Smitty alluded to, it happened after lunch. We were walking back to garage where the van was parked when my daughter wanted to toss a penny in a fountain. She threw one in then wanted to put her hands in the water. I looked away for one second and the next thing I knew, she was head over heels in the fountain. It was still shallow enough she could stand up in it no problem but she was soaked head to toe. I did luck out. This was one of the few times I've had a change of clothes for her. When we got back to the van, I was able to get her into dry clothes. More shaken than anything.

Also, it was very nice finally meeting Adam and Sally, fellow bloggers in arms over at Conservatives for Palin, face to face after being only names on our secret "Palinlist" email.

Next time, I will stop by the Red Radio crew's after party. Couldn't very well attend with a fiver year old, could I?

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