Friday, November 12, 2010

Bob "The Streetside Strangler" Etheridge Watch: Day One

He has today to announce if he intends to go ahead with his recount.

Bob Etheridge will learn today if he is entitled to a recount in his bid to retain the 2nd District seat in Congress.

Election results across North Carolina are to become official during today's canvass.

I would be surprised if he would concede the race at this point. The object is to recount and recount until he 'finds' enough votes to break his way. At the very least, hope for a run-off where he might win that instead. You don't spend fourteen years in Congress without wanting to hang on to that prestige and power like the neck of a college student who asked you a question.

By the way, help Renee out, you jackwagon.

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