Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Parable Of The Shot TV

Did you know that if you voted for Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars, you helped to improve the economy?

It's true.

As she progressed week after week in the contest, people became further and further incensed at her. Enough to where one Steven Cowan picked up his gun and shot his TV.

You might think that he might be a little off his rocker. He may have misread his medication as "6 pills every 2 hours" instead of the other way around. He may have thought that it would have impressed Brook Burke. Who knows?

But here's what I think happened. He was looking to stimulate the economy.


He went Elvis on the TV and ended up in a 15 hour stand off with the police. The police do not work for free. They'll be getting extra pay in their checks for the overtime and hazard duty*. Then there is the cost for the courts and lawyers. Those attorneys need someway to pay for the big ad on the back of the phone book.

Not to mention that Cowan's wife will buy a new TV. She'll have more disposable income as well because she won't be supporting his TV viewing habits. . . His diet of Natty Light. . . His PPV bill. . . This is the proverbial finding a dollar in the gutter for her. Maybe she can now afford a divorce attorney?

All because you voted for Bristol, the economy was stimulated.

With any luck, she will win. That means more TVs will be shot and more stimulus for the economy.

Or something.

*Not sure if police get hazard pay or not. But it sounded good for the posting so I left it in.

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