Saturday, January 1, 2011

As We Look Back At 2010. . . A Retrospective Of The Best And The Worst, Depending On Your Point Of View

As my stomach slowly starts to return to it's normal size after a New Year's Eve gorging, it's time to do the annual look back on the that was.

No predictions other than Obama will shift from blaming Pres. Bush to blaming the House of Representatives.

And if this doesn't count toward the news of the weird, it should count towards someone who is highly suspect.

Wishing everyone had a Merry Christmas and here is to a New Year.

Update: Linked by an Old Retired Petty Officer.

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  1. How about some good news to start of 2011: as of Wednesday, for the first time since 1947, there will be no Kennedy holding Federal office!

    Happy Kennedy-Free New Year!


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